Thursday, August 22, 2013

My big First Grader!!

Another year of school here we go...........I love that he is not to old to hold his Dad's hand!!  He did great his first day.  Here's hoping to another awesome year of learning and growing from this cute kid!!

Miss Amelia

I was so lucky to get this cute little Amelia for the weekend while her parents were away.  I had a blast with a little girl in the house!!  The boys were so nice to her and loved playing with her.  We went to the movies and shopping.  I found that toy on clearance at target and the next morning she was going around the house beating up the boys with her princess wand.  She really is a little sister to brothers!!!  Thanks friend for letting me have girl time!!

Running like the wind

It all started last summer when I walked my first 5k.  Then in Feb I had some friends who were running the half marathon in Ventura that really had me thinking that I wanted to be a runner.  So I tied up my shoes and got to work.  While they all did the half I completed my first 5k race with a goal in mind.  I blew that goal out of the water and I am continuing my running journey.  Tehachapi has quite a bit of races and I have signed up for all of them and I keep chugging along.  I love my support team who gets me up and racing faster each time!!  My goal is to run the half next year in June in Ventura!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Buddy B

Man I just love this kid!!  He was the first to make me a Mother and for that I will forever be grateful for.  He has challenged me in ways I never thought I could do as a Mother and he brings such a sweet little spirit into our home.  He sure has his struggles with a lot of things but he does it the best he knows he can and he loves being encouraged!!  It amazes me the strength that he has and has taught me to be a stronger Mother and person.  I love him so much!!1

Beary Bear

 This kid just cracks me up with his smiles, he is so sweet and very lovey lovey.  He is always wanting his back and tummy tickled.  If it were up to him everyday would be jammie day he calls it.  He does great in school and gets along with all the kids in his class.  He is my number one cleaner lately!!  Love this little Bear!

Monkey Boy

This is our little baby of the family!!  Crazy to think he is cause he is a giant now a days.  He is very spunky and tries his very best to keep up with his brothers.  He has a very persistent attitude which can be cute but also very tiring at times.  We love him so much and love seeing him grow up!!

I love to see the Temple

We were able to see my cousin Amanda get sealed to her now Husband and it was amazing.  Such a blessing to be at the temple and to bring the boys also!!!  Congrats to the new love birds!